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FRC Team 3627 - Jungle Robotics

About Us

Robotics Competition

FIRST Robotics Team 3627, also known as Jungle Robotics, was founded in Sarasota County. Since 2011, Jungle Robotics has been competing in the annual FIRST Robotics Competition.

Robotics Education

We believe in inspiring and educating the future generation of engineers and innovators. Through our robotics programs, we offer hands-on learning experiences that teach students valuable skills in science, technology, engineering, and math.

Community Outreach

At Jungle Robotics, we are committed to giving back to our community. We organize and participate in various outreach programs that promote STEM education and provide opportunities for underrepresented groups.

Robotics Innovation

We are constantly pushing the boundaries of robotics innovation. Our team of dedicated engineers and designers work tirelessly to develop cutting-edge robots that can tackle real-world challenges.

Join Our Team

Are you passionate about robotics and STEM education? Join our team and be a part of our mission to inspire and educate the future generation of engineers and innovators.

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